We guarantee admission to the top 30 universities in the United States for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Faraway Guaranteed Admission

Service Advantages

Efficient Application Process with Zero Barriers to Entry

No prior application experience required, no need for grades, language proficiency, or pre-college exams.

Guaranteed Quality of Professional Academic Credentials

Through our guaranteed admission application, obtaining an offer ensures both the quality of the program and the attainment of your academic credentials are guaranteed.

Priority Admission Opportunities Secured Through Referrals from Admissions Officers/Professors at Prestigious Universities, Ensuring Swift Enrollment

Strong Internal Referral Ensuring Guaranteed Admission

Matching with High-Quality Teams for Application Support

From initial planning to final application stages, our mentors provide full guidance and ensure a smooth application process from start to finish.

Target Audience

The translation is: "Low GPA, poor language test scores, without GRE or GMAT scores, etc.

No outstanding extracurricular activities, internship experiences, work experiences, or research experiences.

It is difficult to meet the basic application criteria for admission to prestigious universities in the United States.

Application process

The consultant/teacher initiates initial contact, collects basic information about the child and their study abroad goals.

An overall assessment is conducted, and based on the child's situation, an appropriate 'worry-free' offer plan is provided.

The overall assessment

University Selection

Discussing Target Universities with the Consultant, Understanding the Admission Processes

Based on the Plan, Finalize Contract for One or Multiple Universities  Signing a Customized Contract for 1-on-1 Support Collecting Deposit or Initiating Shared Account

Offer Collection

Offer Issuance: Receive Final Payment Upon Fulfillment of Agreed Conditions. In case of non-admission, Full Refund of Paid Service Fees Plus Additional High Cash Compensation

Service focus

  • ROE


    ROE(Registering for Overseas Enrollment).

    Assisting students in registering for overseas enrollment, providing authenticated transcripts and graduation certificates to reshape their background, along with language and exam exemptions.

  • EEB


    EEB(Enhancing Elite Background)Integrating internship opportunities from Fortune 500 companies, laboratories, NGOs, and other channels. Utilizing guidance from alumni of the top 30 universities to help students enhance their background experiences.

  • OSR


    OSR(Offering Strong Recommendations)Having built a network of professors from renowned universities worldwide and influential executives, we provide assistance to students in crafting recommendation letters to enhance their applications.

  • INC


    INC(Internal Networking Collaboration)On the foundation of registering for overseas enrollment, leveraging collaborative relationships with admissions officers/professors from prestigious universities to secure admission quotas, ensuring acceptance.



No matter how you reach out to us, we will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with better study abroad services.

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TOP Schools Guarantee is a study abroad service agency dedicated to providing students with high-quality overseas educational resources. With access to over 70 prestigious institutions in mainstream study abroad destinations such as the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia, we possess exclusive connections with university admissions officers and professors across the industry. Over the years, we have helped numerous students gain admission to top 100 universities worldwide.
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